YT Channel Embed allows you to auto extract and embed the latest video thumbnail from a YouTube channel on your websites in a thumbnail gallery format using an HTML iframe. Simply customize and generate your html iframe code below. Copy and paste the code on your website html.

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Custom Options

Total Number of Videos
Number of Videos per Row
YouTube Username (or Channel Id)
Playlist ID (Keep username empty if using playlist)
Image Width (px)
Image Ratio
Cell Right Margin (px)
Cell Bottom Margin (px)
Title (# characters)
Title Color
Description (# characters)
Description Color
HTML Code    (Copy the code above and paste it wherever you want it to appear)


Note: iframe galleries are cached for 2 hours

Preset Gallery Formats

Square Widget
(300px x 300px)
Single Column
(225px width)
Single Row
(960px width)
Full Frame
(960px width)
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